Collecting Chronicle fan fiction is an ongoing project for me. Here’s my annotated list of Chronicle fan fiction. If you’ve written a Chronicle fan fiction that you don’t see here, please send me a link using my contact form.

Kryptonite Rewrites Chronicle to add in Steve’s female cousin, who develops clairvoyance instead of telekinesis and dates Andrew. Steve is hurt but doesn’t die.

Decode Sequel to Kryptonite.

Falling Down Drabble of what Andrew was thinking during the climax of Chronicle. Slight ending change.

A Change of Heart Drabble monologue from Andrew’s dad if he had taken a different path after his wife’s death.

Intervention Matt and Steve follow Andrew into the storm, discover his father is abusive and have him locked up by the time Andrew is caught in the gas station explosion. After Andrew apologizes, Steve and Matt spank him.

Compassion If Monica had stayed and comforted Andrew after he threw up on her.

A Requiem For Who You Were Matt is on the run, Andrew lives and is taken in by a shadowy group, Casey is hassled for information on Matt. Shades of Macbeth. 5 chapters so far.

Don’t Bury Me I’m Not Dead Yet Andrew and Steve aren’t dead due to super-healing abilities. Andrew is found in Oregon with amnesia. 4 chapters so far.

Time to Break If Andrew disappeared instead of dying at the end of Chronicle. 8 chapter so far.

Rebirth If Steve came back to life. 5 chapters so far.

Bulletproof Heart If Andrew had a girlfriend. 8 chapters so far.

Before This Gets Out Of Hand If Matt had gone with Steve to see what was wrong with Andrew. 4 chapters so far.

Hunger Games If Matt and Andrew were selected as tributes. 5 chapters so far.

Matt/Andrew Slashfic (NSFW)
Lips Sewn Shut Drabble.

Tu Me Mangues Andrew’s mind goes feral and he forgets Matt.

Andrew/Steve Slashfic
Chronic Crush Drabble. Andrew goes to Steve’s grave to confess his feelings but Steve is not dead.

Dancing On Rooftops Drabble. Andrew teaches Steve how to waltz.

New Character Stories
The Calling Jonathan starts keeping a diary about developing telekinesis after finding the cave. 4 chapters so far.

The Hunt Begins A different kid develops powers after hearing of the events in Seattle. He hears a mysterious voice calling him. 2 chapters so far.

I’m On Your Side Scarlet, Steve’s best friend, follows them into the cave and also develops powers before falling for Andrew. 3 chapters so far.

The Next Journey Erases some of the events of Chronicle in order to reunite Matte, Andrew, and Steve and pit them against a group of 3 girls with powers. 8 chapters so far.

Let the Fun Begin A 15 year old boy develops Chronicle-like powers and eventually meets Matt, Andrew, and Steve. 2 chapters so far.

What I Never Told You Matt tells his girlfriend, Tori, that the 3 have powers. 4 chapters so far.