Max on Man of Steel

Max explains why he (and a lot of other fans) feel like The Man of Steel was a weird version of Superman.


Max on Machinima

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but people fucking hate me. For a guy that is not famous, is not even particularly known, has very little of a public… any contestant on The Voice is more famous than I am, everytime I do an interview, like when I did Nerdist, it’s like a wash of hatred… I’m not talking about trolls, either, I’m talking about people hating specific parts of my personality, some of which I don’t even like… Max Landis is a douchebag is a pre-search on Twitter. I’m not even a mean guy.

I from a distance am very easy not to like. I look like hipster Riddler right now. …The character is son of a Hollywood director, pretty successful, obnoxious, loud, outspoken… hyper-confident in his own stuff to the point of arrogance, this sounds like a second tier villain. …I am so easy to dislike, just by virtue of who I am, that I’ve dealt with it my whole life. …People who get to know me like me generally, but it’s hard… and I have no reason, I did this to myself, because screenwriters aren’t famous. …I made a dumb choice.

My own lack of impulse control and my inability to make a good first impression is my kryptonite. I mean, I’m my kryptonite, I’m a fucking douche. I sort of a self-absorbed, I’m a self-aggrandizing guy who gets anxious when he meets new people and overcompensates.

Drinking and writing… it’s irresponsible. ….A screenplay is ultimately a blueprint for a larger piece of art. Drunk architects don’t do well. If you can’t construct something clean, then you’ve failed, because all that matters ultimately in a screenplay is how easy to read it is. ….Fast and memorable is better than entertaining. Fast and memorable beats beautifully written.

DC Comics approached me about three, four weeks ago, and they said, hey man, would you want to do a 52 issue run with Greg Pack, like a weekly run, and you’d orchestrate it and retell The Death and Return of Superman for The New 52. Now I’m directing a movie in like a month, I’m producing a movie, I have eleven films in various stages of development that I’m doing work on… I don’t have time for this. So of course I immediately said yes and write up a ten page document of what I would do. Superman, writing Superman is my dream job… I don’t need the money, I just want to wirte the story. …I came up with the whole thing, the whole beginning to end of the way I would do Death and Return and its sort of like the way it used to be but not really, it’s lost of metacontextual stuff and really fun Superman stuff, and then two weeks later, they tell me, oh, it turns out the guys I was talking to weren’t the top guys and they hadn’t cleared it with them. So they went to them and were like, so you want to do this, and the top guys were like, “No, what?” …My treatment right now is effectively fan fiction.