About Max

Max Landis is a prolific director/screenwriter. Despite the fact that he is the son of John Landis, his journey to filmmaking was a difficult one, due to his cyclothymia. Today, he credits his acute self-awareness to the evaluative skills he developed in learning to cope with his illness, and he has become an inspiration to many aspiring artists who struggle with mood disorders.

Max was born on August 3rd, 1985 to John and Deborah Landis. After several difficulties in school, he eventually attended The Learning Clinic in Connecticut. After this, he bounced around before eventually “through a series of weird coincidences [he] ended up admitted into the continuing studies program at the University of Miami.” When he was only 18, he sold his first script, co-written with his father, to the Masters of Horror anthology. Though he wrote several short scripts during college, it wasn’t until after he got out of school that he would go on a spec sales streak, selling three – including Chronicle, Good Time Gang, and Amnesty. This lead to steady employment as an in-demand screenwriter. After Chronicle was produced and became a success (grossing over $100M domestically), Max became even more in demand. His previously sold script for Frankenstein finally found some momentum, and he directed his first film, Me Him Her.

Max has developed a loyal coterie of friends and followers due to his generosity of spirit, friendliness, and relentless commitment to honesty – not to mention his many artistic talents.