Weird Adults 10/8/2012 Max crashes a Dolph Ziggler Interview.

“Fucking Dolph Ziggler… Esther that’s my favorite wrestler.”

“Text me the address, I will be there in five seconds and I will be fucking sweating.”

“When good things happen on wrestling, they are as good as something on AMC or Showtime. The big twists and the big plot events are extremely surprising and fun to watch.”

Weird Adults 7/8/2012

“I’m a C-List celebrity to a very niche group of people.”

“I think I ruin my own mystique.”

“At some point in the last 30 years, we all became too important to listen. We no longer need to know anything, because anyone with a cell phone is the smartest person on earth.”

“It’s funny to call me a womanizer, because I don’t feel like anyone is tricked by me. I mean, people say they don’t play games, but I just am me all the time. I don’t become a separate me.”

“I love Cary Grant. I think he’s the sexiest boy.”


Bagged and Boarded 3/3/2012

I grew up in Cali, and I was just a very, very learning-disabled kid, who caused a lot of problems.

I learned to read extremely late, 8 or 9. …It’s weird to be a fourth grader and still be piecing together how to read, especially when you want to be a writer.

I was in a very stringent boarding school that I was sort of sent to after being a problem child. …It was Hogwarts plus Arkham. It had the four houses of different types of children, and they ultimately were Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff. I was the only person in the program’s history to have been in all four houses. As far as I know, when I left. …I ended up in Slytherin, but it took me going through, in order, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff.

The first time I was aware of being a good writer or feeling good about my writing was on fanfiction.net. I started writing a story called The Shocker: Legit, which was about a Spiderman villain called The Shocker. It’s still one of the better things I’ve written, it’s very sweet.

This American Wife 1/4/2012

“There’s a rubber suit monster fight in Revelations. And that’s just the beginning…”

“In the 90s, everyone had these weird booby-muscles all over their body.”

“I actually had a meeting where I gave up on comics. Not like an intervention. I had a meeting with a studio where they were explaining to me is what they’re gonna do is make the comic, give it a limited run release, then use the comic to pitch the movie, so that the movie will be based on a property that already exists. But they created the property. Just make the movie! Why are you wasting time making this comic that no one will care about, cause comics just don’t sell much anymore. They’re just a marketing tool now, and they’ve fallen apart. Just like everything is gonna become a marketing tool.”

Dark Matters 12/2011

“Instead of writing movies that I’d want to see, I’d write movies that don’t exist yet.”

“I don’t outline much.”

“As a screenwriter, there’s a sense of complete hopelessness around your career that’s sort of stagger, that I can’t imagine for any other career except acting. But acting’s so based around ego, whereas screenwriting is based around physical – here is my script.”

Same Shit, Different Show 9/4/2011

Note: If you’re just going to listen to one Max Landis podcast, listen to this one, because it’s the revealing about how Max thinks and how he became a screenwriter. And also John Landis interrupts it near the end.

“The movies I try to make are the movies I want to see, and I think that really helps with pitching. My end goal is always to be sitting in a theatre, watching the movie, and I think that comes across in pitches.”

“My dad always said to me, don’t be a screenwriter, they get shit on.”

“Well, you weren’t that destructive.” – John Landis

Popcorn Mafia 8/1/2010

“I’ve been to Comic Con now ten years in a row, and the big deal this year for me was walking around and seeing almost no Harry Potter, almost no – literally one Naruto, and the creepiest thing to me, I was here for all four days… I saw four fucking stormtroopers. Just four. And this is from – the standard Comic Con experience is a wonderful thing, cause it’s all about camaraderie, where you go and a bunch of people have individually come, dressed up as stormtroopers, but then have met up and formed a legion – and you know this experience, you’ll see like thirty strangers that are now friends and end up at TGIFridays at the end of the night.”