Max Interview – SFX

SFX interviewed Max – mostly about video game storytelling, but he had some interesting things to say about Frankenstein…

My version to Frankenstein is a tribute to a few different things, the themes are about friendship and the idea that by working together and combining our resources and personalities we end up doing a form of soft science where we can create things we would never have been able to do on our own. But when you do this chemistry, this chemistry between people, you end up with a lot of volatile reactions that can spin you out and send you in different directions, to forgive a hackneyed term, it can start fires between people, and a lot of fires get started in this script.

It’s also about science and the idea that science is good and genius is good and important and we shouldn’t hide from the future, which is a new message for Frankentstein, because generally Frankenstein is a much more “don’t tamper in the realm of God”. This has almost the opposite message. It’s all about human achievement. It’s tremendously action-packed. It’s very dialogue-heavy. I think it has some of the best dialogue I’ve ever written. It’s very hearfelt. I would compare it most directly to the movie The Social Network, in terms of tone, in terms of look, if you added action and romance to The Social Network. Also, before you shun Radcliffe as Igor, what you don’t know Igor’s role in this script and Igor might not be who you think he is.


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