Max on Nerdist!

Max is on the Nerdist podcast that just went up! The direct link going around doesn’t appear to be working correctly just yet. So just go to the nerdist podcast page for now!

Max also pitches a complete trilogy, so this is a definitely listen just to have the experience of hearing him tell a story.

“I think I’d really like to be in love, and I don’t know that I am right now.”

“I try to measure my level of excitement, enthusiasm and everyone, on the level of a 14 year old girl.”

“That’s why crying is! Crying is shitting out of your eyes.”

“I’m a more monster. No matter what I get, I want more from everything. If one of my friends gets a promotion at work, I’m like, I should have gotten that promotion at Dairy Queen. …I want to be like Rogue, I want to take off my gloves and suck the happiness right out of them”

“Occasionally I’ll get things in my head and think ‘that’s a really funny, douchey thing to say’ and I’ll say it, not taking into account that people who don’t know me now assume I am a sociopath. I’m a spoiled sociopath.”

“I have a very polarizing personality. People genuinely hate me. …Only bad or in-between, nothing great.”

“When I use the word nerd, I use it as an insult. …when I hear ‘nerd’ I think of me at a party with my friends and I’ve invited one of my friends who has bad social skills and he’s making everyone awkward. …There’s nothing nerdy to me about Star Wars. ..A nerd is someone who is unable to exist outside their focus.”

“Fuck creative goals. I love being a writer. I do have my eye on some sort of… I want to go bigger than J.J. Abrams, I want to have multiple films and projects based on my ideas in production at the same time. And That’s why I’m producing now, I’m directing something… and it’s like, very stressful. But really my goal is to become the best possible me I can be.”

“I have a mood disorder that fucked over my childhood in a really real way. I didn’t have any friends until I was fifteen or sixteen. I’m extremely volatile…it’s called cyclothymia, and it means that you rapidly cycle through hypomanic emotions and what that means is you’re not manic, it means that when you have normal emotions, for example, I’m excited to be on the Nerdist podcast… they’re not just extra, they’re to eleven. …When I was young and unmedicated, I was like fucking Daffy Duck. I was a nightmare. People have this theory of me as this prince of Hollywood figure, nepotism, when in reality I was like the hunchback in the Landis family basement. I wasn’t allowed to go out because chances were I’d get mad and break something. …My mind set until I was about fifteen was ‘why is everyone else so fucking calm? Don’t they see that this is the best/worst/most exciting/mot boring day of their lives? Why is everyone else not reacting like me?'”

“I was on lithium for like five years, and now I’m this.”

“I have flaws as a person. I’m selfish. I’m a big time egomaniac/narcissistic type of guy. My goals are to become, sort of a guy who everybody likes and interactions with him make people happy and they think ‘what a great guy.’ It’s funny, because I’ve had to build to that goal from a place of just being fucking crazy.”

“My story ideally is one of massive personal growth that just continues onward forever.”

“During the shower, I notice that I didn’t feed my cat and my cat’s standing by the food dish crying. And I think, I can’t get out of the shower, she seems so sad, and then I’m crying in the shower because my cat needs food and I’m the worst person in the world and I forgot.”

“One of the things that’s concerning is that I’m still kind of an asshole, and it’s hard for me to find that line of ‘what can I excuse with oh, I’m a really emotional guy.'”

“I worked at McDonalds for a long time. And I worked at Stop and Shop, I worked at a Halloween story. At the end of the day, I just feel very lucky. Except about relationships. …Girls will fall in love with me and then two months later realize I’m kind of a jerk.”

“My story of nepotism is very easily ended, which is how many movies has John Landis made in the last year.”

“I have the worst taste in music of anyone I know. Like, subjectively.”


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