Max is Not Writing Star Wars… Yet

Soooo, CosmicBookNews is guessing that Max wrote Star Wars Episode 7. People, this is blatantly not it. First of all, Max stated outright at Comickaze, as reported byGeekscape that the project is Space Mountain. Secondly, Max is possibly one of the top ten worst secret keepers in Hollywood. He literally cannot resist coming up with riddles about his projects (see Den of Geek) or at least saying something about them (on Me Him Her, after replacing his script’s logline with that of Return of the Jedi, he still told Variety outright that the devil makes an appearance). If Max were writing Episode 7, he’d at the very least be writing some cryptic tweets about it that no one understands, and you’d be all “what does Max think he’s tweeting about right now?”

Max IS actively campaigning for it, as you may have noticed on Twitter. And yes, he would do this whether or not he was already writing it, so it’s a moot point.

Regardless, you know who probably IS actually working on Star Wars already? Brenda Chapman. She’s been consulting on a super secret project since August, which is about the furthest back I would guess they could hire anyone on without everything about it leaking. I’m not saying she’s writing, and she states outright she’s not directing. But it makes complete sense that they’d bring her in early to sort out the backstory and emotional motivations of say, Jaina or Mara Jade, considering she’s the highest-profile/most proven person they know who’s known for being good with female characters, and those two characters in particular have a long, tangled web of expanded universe stories to be sorted through.

So for now, continue to cross your fingers for Max – who by the way also tends to have an interesting take on female characters – but don’t let shoddy reporting trick you into thinking it’s a done deal.


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