Max is busily promoting his Superman Action Comics Annual #1 story, making the rounds on Comic Book Resources, iFanboy, and ComicVine, and dribbling out some ideas about what he’d do if given a crack at Man of Steel 2. Annnd, The Comic Book Resources interview even has a tiny, tiny bit of info on how Vigilant is going – it sounds like a really harmonious collab is going on between Landis and the producers he’s working with.

Check out the Comic Book Resources story here.

Oh my god, that’s going really well. It’s super fun. I fucking love Howard Gordon. And I love [co-executive producer] Hugh Fitzpatrick. And, it’s been really fun working with Fox TV. That’s show is crazy. It’s going to be nuts. I hope it can be a series, because it will be really fun.

And iFanboy is here.

Superman is your friend; he’s your good guy, and he’s not used to any of this. The fact that he can fly is still surprising to him.

And here’s the ComicVine interview, which has a really interesting digression on The Shocker.

Do you want me to go into how Shocker from Marvel should have his own comic and should have had his own comic since the 1980s?


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