Max to possibly write Man of Steel 2

Cosmic Book News has been tipped that Max may be up for the gig of writing Man of Steel 2; supposedly he’s raised the interest of director Zack Snyder.

Overall, 2 reactions on this: 1) I really, really hope Man of Steel doesn’t turn out to be a clunker if this is true. I mean, it’ll make bank, easy. But there’s a difference between writing a film that makes money and one that has the public’s hearts and minds. And not for nothing, but every time I see the trailer in theaters, it’s nothing but silence. And I mostly watch fanboy movies in theatres, so it should be getting some easy excitement.

2) Max writing the sequel is possibly one of the best decisions Snyder could make. I mean, let’s face it, Snyder is a talented director, but he comes down on the side of visual stylist more than master storyteller. So while what he puts on the screen is always brilliant in terms of looking at it… he can only really be as good as the script he’s working with, and the last few movies, he’s been stuck with some duds. Max would be an excellent choice to move away from that trend.


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