Best of Issue “Dark Fairy Tales” Photoshoot

So anyways, LA Weekly took them as part of their 2012 “Best Of” issue, which was themed as “Dark Fairy Tales”. Max is dressed as Aladdin in chains. See the slideshow of the whole photoshoot here.

This is the sort of thing that makes Max different from other writers. First of all, I think there’s possibly a rule that Max can’t go 3 months without doing a photoshoot of some kind. This is both kind of hilarious, and also kind of useful in the process of making fan art. Can we call it post-ironic? Like “hahahahahaha, oh also, thanks, these are cool.”

Second, ok, these are kind of hot. Definitely a weird, LA Weekly, let’s show off some kink hot, but still, how many writers are bothering to be kind of sexy? This is not a thing in Hollywood. At least not yet. I like where Max’s mind is going on this.

Third, it’s unusual for people who write to also be interesting in real life. These are basically the definition of interesting…


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